Why I’m Taking Comm 306

Posted: December 1, 2011 in ISC Topics

First and foremost my name is Jeremy Bugbee. I was born and raised in Apex, North Carolina. My love for this state has kept me somewhat close to home in my decision to attend Queens University of Charlotte. I am currently in my third year at the University studying Communication and Marketing. In my spare time, well I have no spare time, but when I’m not in class you can find me on the lacrosse field with the Queens Men’s Lacrosse team.

Although this course is required in order to fulfill requirements for my major, I hope to gain a better knowledge of what Strategic Communication entails. My grasp of strategic communication is the focused direction of communication to specific groups in order to influence them appropriately in order to support an organization or cause.

Over the course of the semester we are required to blog about our findings. This is a new practice to me as I have never published a blog of my own, in fact the closest thing to blogging for me has been updating my Facebook status with what I plan on doing for the day. I’m hoping that by blogging I will be able to learn the various skills and strategies it takes to be a successful strategic communicator in the blogging world. Who knows maybe I’ll take a liking to this blogging thing that I’ve been trying to avoid for several weeks now, and maybe even decide to pursue a career that includes or even revolves around blogging.

That is a little bit about me and the direction I hope to take in learning more about Strategic Communication.

Until next time,

Bugbee out!

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